How to Identify a Camera Model's Lens Mount

Every camera brand has a different type of lens mount, which means that it's important to choose the right type of lens to suit your camera. The lens mounts also change from time to time due to new features being created. If you purchase the wrong type of lens for your camera, then it will not be compatible. This will be a waste of money because the lens can't be used.

All Digital SLR and SLR cameras have interchangeable lenses. Some compact cameras, such as the micro four thirds system, can have their lenses changed. None of these systems are compatible with one another and each is different.

Read the Manual

Reading the instruction manual which came with your camera should be one of the easiest and quickest ways of finding which lens mount your camera uses. The manual should reveal the specifications of the camera, and there might also be a section on changing the lenses.

Search the Internet

If you can't find your manual, then you can find which mount is suitable by searching on the Internet. It should be fairly easy to find this information in forums or on websites.

Adapter Rings

If you can't find a suitable lens for your cameras mount, then you can use adapter rings. These convert your lens mount into another system so that different lenses can be used.