How to do Simple Camcorder Playback

Camcorder playback, or playing a recording back, in your camcorder is really simple. If you are unable to do so for some reason, and the user manual is not really helpful, this article will give you a step by step guide on how to playback a recording on your camcorder.

Step 1: Activate your LCD Screen & Enter Playback Mode

Nowadays, all camcorders come with a rectangular LCD screen attached, which is usually at their backs or one that swings open away from their side. In some cases, just opening up the LCD screen will automatically take you into the camcorder’s playback mode. However, if this is not the case, search for an arrow button representing the Play button on your camcorder. It might be on the LCD screen or at the back of your camcorder, so do a search for it.

Step 2: Basic Playback Mode Options

In most camcorders, you see a blue screen when you enter into playback mode. In older camcorders, you need to press on the rewind button to scroll back through the footage you have recorded before you can play it back. In newer models, however, you will see different squares of pictures indicating different recordings. If your LCD screen is touch sensitive, click on one of these to view your recordings. You can scroll forward and back through your film by pressing on the fast forward and rewind decals which are represented by two arrows pointing forward and back located on your camcorder.

Step 3: Additional Playback Mode Options

Most camcorders are also capable of playing recorded footage in slow motion. This is indicated with a vertical line next to an arrow decal. In some camcorders, you can also perform this function by pressing the hold/pause button which is represented by two vertical lines side by side, and then pressing on the forward button. Once you have finished playing back on your camcorder, make sure that you are at the end of your recorded film before you begin recording anew, otherwise you run the risk of re-recording over your footage.