How to Choose between Hot Light or Strobes for Your Shoot

When setting up a photography studio, you have a choice between hot lights and strobe lights. But, what is the difference between these two lights? Well, it really depends on what you will be using them.

Pros of Hot Lights

Hot lights are great beginner lights since they provide a constant, natural light, and you can see what you are working with. Basically, with these lights, what you see is what you get. So, there’s no guesswork involved, which makes it easier to learn.

Hot lights also help you with depth of field (DOF) issues, which determines whether or not the image is adequately sharp enough. These lights are also great for still photography, where you do not need to worry about a subject getting overheated.

Cons of Hot Lights

The main problem with these lights is that they are hot, which means that your subject is also going to get hot as well. This limits how long you can shoot a person. Further, these bulbs can burn out if they get overheated, and they are expensive to replace if you want to get good bulbs. You should avoid cheap bulbs since the color temperature can change at random.

Pros of Strobe Lights

Strobe lights create flashes of light, which allows you to take stop action photography. Plus, these bulbs are cooler than the hot lights. This allows you to have longer photographer sessions with models or clients.

These bulbs also reduce blue, and they provide a constant color temperature. These lights also put out more light, but use the same amount of power as the hot lights.

Cons of Strobe Lights

The problem with strobe lights for beginners is that they are harder to learn because you cannot see what you are working with. You cannot see what the final shot is going to look like, so you need a lot of practice with these types of lights.