How to Choose a Wide Angle Lens for Your Canon Rebel

A Canon Rebel wide angle lens can be difficult to choose.  The Rebel cameras are part of Canon's EOS digital SLR series. SLR cameras are the standard camera choice amongst professionals because they capture high quality images and employ interchangeable lenses. The ability to swap lenses of different focal lengths ensures that you will have great looking photos in any situation. However, in order to choose the appropriate lenses, such as a wide angle one, it helps to understand how the camera body works. 

The EOS Digital System

The EOS digital system divides Canon's SLR camera into two categories; cameras with small sensors and cameras with full frame sensors. The small sensors are great for photography taken at a distance with a telephoto lens because it "magnifies" the image from the lens thus making the focal length of the image appear larger than it actually was. Full frame image sensors are designed for portrait and wide angle photography. The Rebel Cameras employ the small sensor. This information is extremely relevant to choosing a wide angle lens because the camera is automatically tightening on the image due to its design. You're going to need a wider lens than one you would use on a full frame sensor camera in order to obtain an image with the same frame size.

Choosing a Wide Angle Lens For the Rebel

Because the small sensor in the Rebel cameras tends to "magnify" photos, you need to take that into consideration when picking a wide angle lens. You need to pick a shorter lens than you would for a full frame camera in order to create the same wide angle effect. This can present a dilemma though because wider lenses tend to have a distorting effect. You need to find a balance between frame size and distortion when picking the best wide angle lens for your needs.

What Are You Primarily Using the Camera For?

The photos that you plan on taking with the camera are a huge factor in determining how you choose your wide angle lens. You're employing a wide angle lens because you want to include more of the environment in your frame than a tighter lens can capture without having to physically move your camera. If you're shooting in tight environments, like a small room, then you're going to need to have a pretty wide lens. But if you're shooting landscape photos, then you might not need a lenses that is so extremely wide. 

Rent Before Buying

Lenses can be very expensive to buy so if you live in an area that has a camera rental shop then you should consider renting your prospective lens before buying it. There are a lot of lenses out there to choose from, and bringing your camera to the shop can let you visually compare how each lens affects your frame in terms of size and distortion. When you do find one that seems right to you rent it for a day or two to see if it meets your needs. This way if you want to buy it you know what you're going to be getting.