How to Check Memory Card Compatability

Memory card compatibility is something that you will need to consider whenever you are trying to figure out what you will need for your camera. Many people do not realize that some memory cards do not go with some cameras. There are several different ways that you will be able to check the difference between each card.


There are letters on each and every memory card. You have probably seen them so many times on these cards that you do not even notice them anymore. However, they are definitely something that you will need to pay attention to, as they are crucial when choosing the proper model.

What They Mean

For instance, an SD card is a "secure digital" and multimedia card. It is the smallest of all of the memory cards, and can actually be used in MP3 players and phones, among other things. An XD picture card is part of the newest digital camera format.


While the SD and the XD cards have the letters on them, you will sometimes simply have to look for the actual names of the cards. Compact Flash, MicroDrive and just plain old memory sticks say what they are on the actual card.

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