How to Change Scanner File Format Setting

If you are operating a digital scanner, then from time to time you may wish to change the setting of the scanner file format. Depending upon how you intend to use the picture produced, you may want to alter the setting in order to get the best from your scanner image. What sort of file you will need to format the picture to will also depend upon the nature of the picture.

Different Files

There are a range of formats which can be used to store pictures, from the widely known JPG (or JPEG) to the less commonly understood TIFF. There are other specialist devices such as Bitmap, PCX and GIF. Items such as Bitmap and JPG are suitable for use with emails, and websites. GIF can be used to insert small icons into emails and pass pictures around the internet. PCX is used by software, particularly games and moving images, and TIFF is mainly used for printing out images.

Changing the Format

When you installed your scanner, it should have left an icon on your PC's screen. Click this icon and find the section labelled Scan Management. You should then be able to access a drop-down box labelled Scan Processes. Next, click Properties, and this should allow you to access a drop-down called File Type. From this box, pick the selection that you require to make the best use of your image.

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