How To Build a Trekking Pole Monopod

A monopod is great for whenever you are not able to lug around an entire tripod. A monopod can easily be made with a trekking pole. This is great for hikers that do not want to have to carry lots of equipment and love to take nature shots out during their hikes. With a well made trekking pole monopod you will be able to get great pictures while hiking without having to worry about carrying lots of additional equipment and accessories.

Materials Needed

  • One 2" X ½" Mending Brace
  • Two 1" X ½" Corner Braces
  • Two Hose Clamps
  • Gasket Material i.e. Bicycle Tire Inner Tube
  • One ¾" Screw
  • One ¾" Thumb Screw
  • Two Lock Nuts
  • At Least Six Nylon Washers

Step 1 - Prepare Supplies

The first thing that you will need to do is check out your corner braces. They will need to be at a ninety degree angle. If they are not then bend them until they are as close to this as possible. Once you have done this, you are ready to begin your project.

Step 2 - Attach

The three braces will need to be attached with the regular screw. Get four of your nylon washers as well as a lock nut to do this. Make sure that you do not tighten the lock nut completely. You will need it to be loose enough so that you will be able to get the mending brace rotated. However, make sure that it is tight enough where it is not going to go anywhere. Once you have the nut attached correctly for the time being, move on to the thumb screw. Screw this into the mending brace with your remaining lock nut. You will need to use at least one washer for this brace. The screw itself needs to face the opposite direction of the original screw. You will need to have this screw tightened the same as the first.

Step 3 - Mounting

You will need to get your gasket material and cut either one big piece or two smaller pieces. It will need to be long enough to go around the trekking pole. It will also need to have enough width for at least one of the flanges of the mount. These will need to be held steady against the pole, tape should do the trick. Once you have done this you will need to get two additional pieces to cut over the flanges themselves. Once you have done this you are ready to get a hose clamp and slide it up the handle. The mount will need to go against the gasket to the point where the mount is hanging off of the left side. If you are left handed, then it will need to be on the opposite side. One of the gasket pieces will need to go over the flange on the top. The shoes clamp needs to go over it and be tightened so that it will be able to stay put. You will do this on the bottom half as well. Make sure that the hose clamps are tight but not so much that they will dent the trekking pole.

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