How a Quick Release Tripod Works

A quick release tripod is designed as a very easy way to detach and mount a camera on a tripod; this is much quicker than using a conventional screw mount and makes using your tripod much simpler and easier. Tripods should be quick and simple to use, and you shouldn't have to fiddle about with them for ages. The longer you spend fiddling around with a tripod, the more chance you have of missing a great shot.

Basics of a Quick Release Tripod

All quick release tripods work in the same basic way; these have a small clip which turns the screw to lock your camera onto the tripod very easily. Quick release tripods can be pretty expensive, but their convenience is well worth it. A quick release tripod will securely hold your camera in a matter of seconds without having to twist or tighten a screw manually by hand.

Quick Release Adaptors

If you don't want to purchase a quick release tripod, then it is possible to buy a quick release adaptor which is suitable for many types of cameras and tripods. These adaptors will secure onto the tripod using the normal screw and then enable you to attach a camera very quickly. These adaptors can be fitted onto virtually any tripod made from pretty much any material. This means that you are free to customize and mix and match so that you can find the best match for you.

Quick release tripods are fairly simple in concept, but they use complex mechanical movements to secure the camera in place. This means that they will always be fairly expensive to buy thanks to the high cost of manufacture.

Popular Tripods: