How a Light Reflector Works

A light reflector is an essential part of your photography tool kit. Unlike many other pieces of photography equipment, these are fairly inexpensive. It's possible to use many different reflective materials as a reflector rather than needing to purchase a specialist light reflector.

Light Reflector Defined

Light reflectors are simply any type of reflective material which can be used to redirect light. These are typically used to bounce light back up towards the subject to eliminate or reduce shadows.

Different Sizes

There are many different sizes of light reflectors available. The size of the reflector will vary the amount of light that they can capture and reflect towards the subject.

Homemade Light Reflectors

There's no reason why you need to invest in expensive light reflectors for photography. It's actually possible to make one yourself. You can use anything which is reflective. You can use poster paper or even fabric. Different colors will create different tones and appearances to the photo. This includes gold which will create warmer tones. Blue will create cooler tones for your photo.

Using a Light Reflector

The easiest way to use a light reflector is to have someone else hold it for you. Then it is easy to carefully adjust the angle and position of the reflector. This should make it easy to get the best results possible.