How a Canon TTL Flash Offers Better Lighting than Manual

A Canon TTL flash (through the lens flash) is a great new way of measuring lighting conditions for professional photographic exposure. The following discusses how the Canon TTL flash is better than manual modes.

About Canon TTL lighting

When you use the Canon TTL lighting, the measurement of light is essentially done by a light meter located in the camera. This completely eliminates the need for using a separate light meter that is hand operated. The light directly enters the lens of the camera, is measured, and the reading is displayed through a display panel. This way it is much more accurate than hand held light meters.


The chief advantage of employing the Canon TTL flash is that you are no longer required to calculate any kind of light or flash output. By eliminating this human intervention, a significant degree of error is also eliminated from the entire workflow. This helps save time, money and effort, and there is much less missed opportunities in action.

Also, this can eliminate the requirement for a handheld light meter. This means a direct reduction in the amount of equipment to be lugged around by the photographer.