How a Camera Flash Circuit Works

A camera flash circuit is something that can help to make your picture look its best. You will find that without a flash, it is easy for a picture to appear fuzzy or hard to see. A flash is something that can help you to capture the light in your photo while getting the best picture possible.

Creating Light

Light has to be created before a camera can even use the flash. In order for this to happen, the power source needs to get to work. It will do this by sending all of the electricity in it through a type of circuitry that will help to increase the voltage of the battery. The amount of volts that are needed to create a flash is one to four thousand.

Electric Flow

The electricity that is flowing through the transformer goes through two different coils. Out of the two coils, the second one is the bigger of the two. To break up the electric flow an oscillator does this in short bursts. What this does is it helps the second coil to become magnetized by the first.


What magnetization does is increase the actual voltage of the electricity that is needed. All of the extra electricity gets stored into a capacitor.

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