How a Ball Head Tripod Works

A ball head tripod is a type of tripod that is preferred by many photographers and videographers alike. You will find that there are several different pros to this type of tripod that keep it as popular as it is. Understanding how a ball head tripod works will help you to be able to make a well thought out and educated decision about if this type of tripod will work well for your needs.


The ball head tripod will allow for an unlimited amount of adjustment, going in every single direction you could need it to go in. You will find that this is great, but it may cause a little bit of trouble when it comes to how precise your directions are in your adjustments. It is a great way to be able to follow a moving target such as birds or other wildlife.


When you are positioning your camera, you will find that ball head tripods are very easy to work with. There are no small knobs to have to worry about and deal with. This will help you to be able to use it in cold weather or anytime you have gloves on. These heads will allow for a sure and fast positioning with very little effort.

What Is a Ball Head?

What a ball head consists of basically is a metal ball that is in a vise. It has a plate that will hold the camera that will stick out of it. In order to lock it into place, you will need to tighten up the vise with a lever. Whenever you need to move the camera around, you will need to loosen this very same lever.


One of the many advantages of this type of tripod is that you will be able to have the option to control your camera (from the actual camera). Other types of tripod heads do not allow this. Allowing for free movement helps to capture fast moving targets. You will find that whenever you are a still photographer, these types of tripods are the best way to go. Even a videographer can benefit from this very same type of tripod.


You will find that there are a few different disadvantages that come with this particular kind of tripod. Usually, because it moves so freely, it can be a problem for a videographer to be able to get a good and steady picture. This is why you will need to consider what you will be using this tripod for before you make any decisions on whether or not it is right for you.

If you are a still photographer, then this type of tripod is perfect, especially if you need it to capture a moving target. Whenever you need this for a camcorder, you will find that there are other tripods that work better for you, should you need a steadier shot.

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