Glidetrack Shooter: Understanding and Overview

The Glidetrack shooter is a new piece of film equipment that should be a must-have for anyone investing in a DLSR camera that shoots HD like the Canon 5D. What makes the Glidetrack so unique is that it performs double duty. When it's mounted on a tripod, it can function as a slider. But, it's design also allows it to be removed from the sticks and placed on a camera operator's shoulder so that he can shoot smooth handheld footage. The Glidetrack certainly gives you bang for your buck.

Glidetrack as a Slider

Glidetrack's primary function is to serve as a slider. A slider is a small rig that attaches to a camera tripod, which allows the camera operator to create smooth and subtle movement in his shots. The slider has a mount where a tripod head with camera can be attached. A knob controls if the camera can move or if it will be locked.

Camera movement almost always makes for a better shot because it is visually interesting. Traditionally, a dolly has been used to move the camera, but this is not always possible because a dolly is large and it requires track and crew to set up. With a camera on a slider, all you need is the equipment and the cameraman to execute the shot.

Transforming Handles into a Shoulder Brace

The Glidetrack features two handles on one side that allow it to quickly and easily transform into a shoulder brace. When you're in slider mode, the handles are kept level to the slider's track. When transforming from slider to shoulder brace, make sure that the camera is positioned at the end of the track on top of the handles. Be sure to lock it in place with the knob so there won't be any unexpected movement. To turn it into a shoulder brace, all you need to do it rotate both handles 90 degrees do that they are facing down. 

A plate release quickly separates the Glidetrack from the tripod. Place one end of the Glidetrack on your shoulder and hold the other end by the handles. If you find that the camera is too far away from you, all you have to do is release the knob and move it closer to you. It's design also allows you to rest the weight of the rig on your forearm while a free hand makes adjustments on the camera's settings.

This unique design makes Glidetrack essential for low budget independent films that have tight schedules. This rig is also great for event videography because it allows the operator to be mobile.