Getting the Most Into a Mini Camera Bag

There are different considerations to make when you are packing your mini camera bag for a photo shoot or trip. It can sometimes be very helpful to have a small camera bag that only has the bare necessities you will need. Here are the important things to remember when packing your mini camera.

Plan Accordingly

While it is ideal to have everything you could possibly need at your fingertips, that may not always be possible. If you know what type of photo shoot you are going to be working on, then it is much easier. You can only pack the lenses that you will need for certain shots you want to focus on. If you know you are going to be inside near a power outlet, you can pack a AC power cord instead of a large pack of batteries.

Arranging Your Items

The camera will always be the primary item to pack first. Make sure it fits comfortably in the main compartment. Anything extra like batteries, cleaning kit or a repair kit should be in the outside pockets. Make sure the camera does not have too much room that will cause it to roll around or be shaken too much while you are traveling.

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