Following the Hipstamatic Trend for the iPhone

If you intend to use the camera on your iPhone, then you should find out about the Hipstamatic iPhone application. This is a very powerful application which makes it possible to apply various effects to your photographs. The modern iPhones have excellent cameras which means that it's possible to take high quality images that you can use on the Internet or print out.

Getting Hipstamatic

Hipstamic is very easy to download and install on your iPhone. This app costs $2, which makes it a very reasonable application. The app can be brought from the official Apple iPhone App store and downloaded directly to your phone. When the software is installed, it can be used right away.

What Is Hipstamatic?

Hipstamatic is a useful camera application for the iPhone. This allows you to apply various effects to your pictures. The effects include colors and old fashioned filters.


There are many different effects and filters which can be applied easily using Hipstamatic on your phone. These effects make it possible to make your photos look old fashioned, black and white, blurred and over-saturated. The effects can be used to change the look of the photos or touch them up.

Additional Effects

The Hipstamatic app comes packaged with a number of different effects. It's also possible to purchase additional effects if required. These Histapacks contain different effects. These are available for $1 or more depending on what's included. You should compare each of these packs to decide exactly which one is best for you.

Hipstamatic is a very useful photo application for the iPhone. This makes it much easier to take professional photos using your phone.