Five Items to Use for Cheap Studio Lighting

When your shoot has a small budget then you have to resort to cheap studio lighting. After all, some sort of lighting is needed because it will improve the look of your image. Here are five household items you can use to light your scene.

Clip Lights

The most basic, cheapest and efficient light to use is the clip on work lights. It costs about $5 and has a reflector that maximizes the amount of light coming out.

Bright Light Bulbs

If you don't have them already then go to your local hardware store and stock up on some 100 watt to 500 watt bulbs to get the lights as bright as possible.

Garage Work Lights

These are very bright lights that come with their own stands. They're designed for people working in a garage to have a large light source to help them see what they're doing but they can easily be used on a film set as well. You should be aware though that the beam they output is very harsh.

Shower Curtains

A frosted shower curtain placed over a light works very well for diffusion. It will do a great job of spreading the beam. The only draw back to it is that because it's so thick it will reduce a lot of the light's output.


You can buy small dimmers at any hardware store to help reduce a light's brightness if your image is getting overexposed.