Fitting the Steadicam Archer Vest

The Steadicam Archer comes with an LX Vest. It is likely that you will be wearing the Steadicam Archer for extended periods of time, so it is crucial that the vest be properly adjusted and that you are comfortable while wearing the vest. You want the Steadicam Archer vest to grab your hips, but it should not extend to your legs. Depending on your body type, it is possible that you will have to remove padding and/or extend the straps to make the Steadicam Archer fit properly.

1. Start at the Top

The Steadicam Archer vest comes with shoulder pads. The shoulder pads should be pressed right against your shoulders. You will want the chest pads to fit tightly against your chest. The Steadicam Archer vest should not be able to move up or down, but you should be able to breath easily while wearing the vest. It is recommended that you perform diaphragmatic breathing while you are wearing the Steadicam Archer vest.

2. Adjusting the Hip Pads

To ensure that there are no gaps between the Steadicam Archer vest and your shoulders, push down on your shoulders. The spar of the vest should be vertical. Once you have done that, tighten the hip pads. You do not want to tighten your hip pads before taking care of your shoulders and chest because that tends to make the vest slip when the Steadicam Archer is attached to it. To lock the hip and chest pads into place, simply close the clips that are attached to those pads.