Finding Your Scanner Model and Manual Online

If you have recently bought or are looking for a scanner, then you may want to find information about a particular scanner model or manual. If you are just searching for a general scanner, then looking for a model might not help you, but once you have a good idea of what you want, then choosing a model and researching it on the Internet can assist you.

Looking for Scanner Models

If you have found the make and number of the scanner you are interested in, then you should put that into the search engine, using quotation marks around the number to specify that you want sites mentioning that particular model. You should ensure that you have a Safe Site monitor on your system, in order to prevent viral attacks.

Finding a Scanner Manual

If you have a scanner and are looking for the manual, then you can locate it online by putting the scanner name, manufacturer and model, and model number into a search engine. You should be able to easily locate the manual if there is one, although you may need a PDF software device to download the virtual pamphlet onto your computer.

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