Finding Panoramic Cameras for Cheap

Panoramic Cameras are designed to make it very easy to take panoramas. These cameras are generally very expensive, however, there are some good ways to get a bargain. When looking for panoramic photos at a discounted price, you will need to spend time shopping around.

Second Hand

Panoramic cameras are relatively rare compared to regular digital cameras. However, it is normally possible to find some second hand. These can be found on the Internet or in the classifieds section of your paper. The best place to look though is at a second hand camera shop. Camera shops will be able to offer advice about which model is best for you and may also offer a warranty.


If you need to have a new panoramic camera, then you could shop around for discounts. The prices of these cameras will vary depending on the retailer you are buying from. To get the best possible price, use a shopping comparison service such as Google Shopping.

Internet Auctions

Internet auctions, such as eBay, are very popular. These receive visitors from all around the world and could be an ideal way to track down some fantastic Panoramic cameras at low prices. Of course, if you are buying from here, you will need to be more careful because you will not get any form of warranty. Also, make sure that you pay for the auction with PayPal or credit card so that you are protected in case it never arrives.

Although there are special panoramic cameras it's also possible to use any cameras. Use photo stitching software to put all of these images together. This is an affordable way of creating panoramic photos.