Final Cut: Creating a Security Camera Footage Effect

Final Cut can be used to create realistic security camera footage. This is a useful effect to apply to your videos to make them look much more realistic. This can be applied to various clips to put them into various movies. Security cameras are not high quality cameras, and the videos captured from them are of very poor quality. If you are shooting the footage with your top of the range digital video camera, then you will need to make it look much more believable.

Step 1: Shooting the Video

When you are shooting the security camera footage, you don't need to do anything special. Simply point the camera and start filming. It's best to mount the camera on a tripod, though, because footage from security cameras is never jerky. It may move left to right, but will do so slowly.

Step 2: Importing the Video

When you have captured the video, load it into your computer by connecting the lead. Once it has finished downloading, open the video in Final Cut Pro.

Step 3: Reducing the Frame Rate

A digital video camera will record with at least 24 frames per second. However, a security camera will rarely do this. Some security cameras record with very slow frame rates perhaps only displaying one frame per second. This is to save space and also to avoid watching through unnecessary parts of the video. To do this in Final Cut, open up the video properties and adjust the frame rate to make it more believable.

Step 4: Changing the Quality

A security camera isn't as crisp or clear as the footage from your video camera. To get the same effect, you should reduce the resolution and quality. This can be done when exporting the video; once you have chosen the format, adjust the quality to reduce the file size and quality.