Film Scanning Service: Is it Worth the Cost?

If you have several pictures, you may think it is a good idea to invest in a film scanning service. There may be pros and cons to the film scanning service. Use the tips listed below in order to weigh the positive and negatives regarding paying for a film scanning service.


For those who work a full time job and do not have the time to scan each and every photo, a service may be just what is needed. Although it may be costly, the time it would take to organize and scan each and every photo may be worth the money.


On the negative side, when you go to a film scanning service, those who are scanning your photos will simply scan each photo one at a time and put them onto a disk or another storage device. If you want to crop your pictures and still keep the original intact, you may have to pay extra in order to get these photos scanned to your liking.


Perhaps you have a friend that has a scanner that would be willing to scan your pictures. They may be willing to scan your pictures for a fraction of the cost of a professional.

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