Evaluating Whether You Need a Professional Photo Printer

Professional photo printers can be expensive to buy and maintain, especially with the cost of ink. So how do you evaluate if you should get one? Well, that's easy to figure out if you can answer this one question: How often will you use it?

How Many Prints Do You Need?

Getting high quality copies made at your local Staples or Kinkos is not that expensive. Generally, you can get a full sized color print made for less than a buck. If you rarely need to have your photos printed, then this may be a good option. In fact, if you're just getting 4x6s of your photos printed, then you can get those for about 30 cents a piece at any store that has a photo center. 

But, all of these prints add up. If you're someone that always needs your photos printed, then eventually you're going to pass a point where it's more economical to buy a printer and do it yourself.

Compare Numbers

Ultimately, the way to decide if you need a professional photo printer is to compare numbers. If you print a low volume of your photos then don't buy one. If you're business relies on printing them then get one. Specific needs also play a factor as well. Most professional wedding photographers don't print their albums on site; they send them to a printer because it costs less then buying the equipment.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: