Elinchrom Octa Use in Fashion Photography

The Elinchrom Octa can be used in a variety of ways in the field of fashion photography. The following lists the various ways that you can make use of it in your fashion studio.

Usage as a Soft Box

Simply unzip the Elinchrom Octa from its packaging bag and mount it onto a tall stand that is fitted with a heavy base and castor wheels; this makes it mobile. This is the same stand that is used to carry soft boxes. Hold the control ring in one hand and push it inwards to set up the Elinchrom Octa. Now you are ready to insert the light source into the center of the Elinchrom Octa. The center of the Elinchrom Octa will act as a giant parabolic mirror and reflect back diffused and even soft light just like a soft box would. You will now simply put on the front cover and verify the light readings using a flash meter. You can use it as a simple soft box or as a sliding soft box.

Since the Elinchrom Octa is much bigger than a conventional soft box, it provides a very good quality of light while covering a big area like a car, bike or a group of people at the same time.

Use as a Ring Flash

The Elinchrom Octa is a large, circular light source that can be used as a giant ring flash for fashion photography. A ring flash is generally a small powered flash that is screwed to the lens and is used for macro photography. The ring flash can be used to give a virtually shadow free light which may be slightly flat. Expensive fashion photography studios in conjunction with regular daylight only use the conventional large ring flash.

Conventional ring flashes can produce a slight polo-mint like effect in the eye of the subject and produce subtle shading around the subject (these are fairly expensive too). The Elinchrom Octa is a light source that can be improvised for use as a ring flash and produce the same desired effects as produced by a conventional ring flash.

Use as a Giant White Background 

The Elinchrom Octa being a large circular lighting arrangement can be simply flipped around and put behind the subject to act as a large white background. You can also control the amount of light that is reflected in the forward direction by the Elinchrom Octa.

You can place the front diffuser very close to the subject (almost touching it) and hence have use of available space. You can now setup a simple front light that is fitted with a smaller soft box and take a reading with the flash meter. You can optionally fit in a reflector to fill the shadows and then turn on the Elinchrom Octa and take a reading on the flash meter again. Adjust it until you are satisfied with the results and complete the lighting setup. You should now have a pure white background that exactly matches the light intensity from the softbox.