Don't Have a Computer? Photo Printer Solutions

Not every digital picture has to be printed from a computer photo printer. Sometimes it can seem like your pictures are trapped on your camera if you don't have a computer. However, as long as you have a photo printer, you can print your pictures with no problem. You will have to make sure that your printer and your camera are compatible, however.

USB Device Cord

If you have a USB device cord, you should be able to connect your camera and printer without a computer. This will not work for all devices, therefore, you should make sure that the two devices are compatible before you make your final purchase.

PictBridge Printer

PictBridge is a standardized software that is built-in on both cameras and printers. If both of your devices are PictBridge enabled, you can simply connect the USB device cord to the printer and the camera. You will then be given a number of prompts to select, edit and print your photos. 

Memory Card

Many photo printers are built with memory card slots. These slots allow you to place your memory card directly into the printer and begin printing. With some printers, you can even edit the photo from the LCD screen. 

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