Do all Picture Frames in a Room Have To Match?

If part of the decor in your home entails picture frames, you may wonder if they should all match or if it's best to mix it up some. While the bottom line is certainly a matter of personal preference, in terms of creating a contemporary and stylish look, the answer is no, the picture frames should not all match.

Find Frames that Complement Each Other

For a great look without too much uniformity, go for frames that are different sizes and styles, but the same color or material. For instance, if you prefer silver toned frames, buy some that are ornate and some that are more plain, all in differing sizes. Or, if you prefer more color, find frames that are complementary and create a wonderful pattern on your wall.

Arranging Frames

Using frames of different sizes, materials and colors that go well together can create an aesthetically pleasing look that will put the focus on your loved ones. There are many ways to arrange the frames for the best look; it really depends on the size of your walls. Using a collage frame as the focal point with smaller frames around it is a good look that will utilize many photos.

Remember, you can be as creative as you like, even mixing paints to your own liking and painting the frames.

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