DIY Flash Diffuser for Point-n-Shoot Cameras

Flash diffusers don’t come very cheap if you intent to purchase one. But, they do come in handy for both amateur and professional photographers. If you need to illuminate your subject, but you don’t want him to be bathed in blinding light, the flash diffuser is a must. These translucent attachments to your flash will help evenly distribute the light, making your subject appear well-lighted. If you’re using a point-and-shoot camera, here are ideas on how you can make a flash diffuser from your own garage.

Use Paper

Even a simple sheet of white paper can act as a diffuser. You can go with a bond paper, typewriting paper or even onion skin paper. Just be sure that the sheet provides a level of translucence. Tape the paper over your flash, and you have yourself an instant diffuser. Experiment with the different types so you are aware of their individual lighting effects.

Translucent Cups or Containers

Some cups or boxes are made from this translucent plastic material. This is great to use as a DIY flash diffuser, because they are sturdier and can provide the same effect. Simply cut this material to size, place it over your camera’s flash, and tape around it. 

White Fabric

Most types of white cloth can also act as flash diffusers, such as cotton and polyester. Steer clear from thick fabrics like wool. Just cut the cloth to size, and tape or band it around your camera’s flash.