Displaying Your Photos: Vinyl Pockets Shower Curtain

There are dozens of different methods of displaying photos. Digital photo frames are one useful option, however, these require electricity to work. Not only does this make hanging them on the wall difficult, but also costly. If you want to display photos in your bathroom, then you should consider using a shower curtain specially designed for the task.

Personalizing Your Shower

There are hundreds of different shower curtains available. If none of these suit you, then you will need to be a bit more creative. The vinyl pockets shower curtain makes it easy to personalize your shower curtain by including pretty much whatever you want inside. Although most people will put photographs inside, there's no reason why you can't also put other documents and artwork inside the pockets.

This shower curtain has 40 pockets, which can accommodate photos or anything else you want. Once all of these 40 pockets are filled, you will be left with a unique shower curtain.

Preparing Photos

The shower curtain will have 40 5" x 7" pockets inside. This means that you will either need to print your photos on computer using 5x7" paper, or get them developed. Most print shops now have facilities to print digital photos to almost any size while you wait. Getting photos printed professionally will normally give you a better result.

Once the photos are printed, you then need to wait for them to dry before doing anything else with them. If you put the photos into the curtain while they're still wet, then this might cause the ink to come off and stain the curtain. When working with photos you've had developed, you will not have this problem.

Putting Photos Inside

There are small waterproof flaps at the top of the curtain which should be opened so that the photographs can be slipped inside. This should be repeated for every row of photos. While this is a time consuming exercise, it's worth doing properly. Be careful not to get any fingerprints on the photographs or smudge the inside of the curtain.

With the photos inside, the waterproof flap should then be closed and the curtain can be hung up on the curtain rail. This is a standard curtain, so regular curtain hooks are suitable.


Cleaning your personalized shower curtain is very simple; it's simply a matter of wiping it with a damp cloth. You shouldn't need to do much else to care for your shower curtain. The shower curtains are very low maintenance, and this should make keeping it clean easy.


If you want to extend the life of your personalized photo shower curtain, then you should get a liner. These liners are separate curtains which fit inside the shower curtain. These are designed to protect the shower curtain and can be replaced if they ever get moldy.

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