Displaying Your Photos: Snapshot Frames

Snapshot frames are one of Urban Outfitter's latest products designed for uniquely displaying photos in your home. They're sold in sets of 5 for $10. Snapshot frames are designed to look like the instant photos one would get from a Polaroid camera. They measure 3.5" wide by 4" tall and have magnetic backs, which means they can be placed on virtually any metallic surface like a refrigerator or locker.

Who Will Use These?

Snapshot frames would probably find most popularity amongst an age group that has never seen a polaroid camera being commonly used. Just over ten years ago, they were the only consumer camera where one could almost instantly view the photo they just shot. (It took a few minutes for the picture to become visible). These cameras have largely become obsolete as digital cameras have become the standard norm. After all, polaroid film costs money, where as with digital, all you need is a memory card. So, these frames will be popular because they give off a feeling of nostalgia to a time that has since passed.

Because of their versatility, these frames will probably be used mostly by teenagers and college aged students. But, they will also be appreciated by people who grew up with and miss the polaroids. They could easily be used by a lot of people to display family photos on the fridge with a vintage feel. $10 is not a lot of money, which makes these frames a perfect gift for anyone.


As it was said before, the polaroid design gives these frames an vintage feel that almost anyone could appreciate. The low price for 5 frames makes them a very attractive buy to spruce up the photos on the fridge. The magnet is also a huge plus because it means that the frames can be displayed almost anywhere.


Even though the polaroid is it's biggest selling point, it's size is the frame's biggest disadvantage. The display area of the frame is only 3.25" by 3". The frame's size is the shape of a square. Most photographs taken on a digital camera are size 6" by 4", in a rectangular shape. This means that most photos are not composed to be cropped in the size of a square. A lot of detail can be lost due to the smaller size of snapshot frames.

But, there are most likely 5 photos at home that can be cut down to fit into these cool little frames. Snapshot Frames are available at Urban Outfitters.

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