Displaying Your Photos: Snap Photo Frames

There are lots of ways of displaying photos, and all of these have their own advantages. You might want to consider each different technique as a way to display your digital and print photos. Digital photo frames are becoming very popular, but these do need power which isn't always available. These digital frames also cost money to run every year.

Conventional picture frames allow you to display any photo for everyone to see. There are many different types of photo frames available. The trouble is few of these are simple and most are made from glass. This means that they normally aren't ideal if you have younger children running around the house.

Snap Photo Frame

A snap photo frame is one of the easiest and most attractive photo frames that you can buy. These photo frames are made from plastic and make putting photos inside very simple. The frame snaps shut once your photo is inside, which creates a very simplistic but attractive looking frame.

To use the frame, you simply need to print the photo out from your computer. Because the frames are made of plastic, they are suitable for photos you've printed yourself. Make sure that the photo is printed to the correct size and on a heavy weight paper. Snap photo frames are available in different sizes depending on your preferences.


Many snap photo frames are available in sets. This makes it really easy to create a stunning piece of decoration for your wall. Printing out some photos and then putting them in frames is very easy. They can then be arranged on your wall in a modern and attractive style. It's even possible to cut one large photo into smaller pieces and put each one in to a separate frame.

Choose a set which has the right number of frames in for you. Remember though that you can break the set up and display it at different parts of your house easily.

Hanging the Frame

The frames are very simple to use and even make hanging it on the wall easy. Simply hammer the included tack into the wall so that it's sticking out slightly. Then, press the photo frame over the head of the tack so that it is secured in place. This is much easier than having to worry about hooks or picture wire.

Once the frame is hung on the wall, it should be relatively maintenance free. It should always stay in the same place and should never need adjusting unless you want to move it around.


The snap photo frames are perfectly clear, which makes cleaning them very easy. They can simply be wiped clean using a soft cloth. Normal cleaning products can be used, as long as they don't cause any damage to plastic. Also, avoid using harsh chemicals and scourers, as these will likely scratch the surface of the frame.

Snap photo frames are a wonderful way to display your photos so that they can be enjoyed, regardless of whether or not you have electricity available.

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