Displaying Your Photos: Picture Window

Urban Outfitters has recently released a wide range of products designed for uniquely displaying photos in your home. One of these products is the Picture Window, a long plastic sleeve that allows the customer to display 28 photos in a collage that can hang from the wall. At $15, it is an inexpensive and classy way to decorate any room.

What Exactly Is It?

The picture window allows you to make a collage out of 28 4" x 6" photos with a mix of 14 vertical and 14 horizontal. When hanging, the window measures 76" tall and 10.5" wide. This makes it narrow, but very tall, over six feet. But, it's an inexpensive way to decorate your dorm room, apartment or house with fond memories. The Picture Window is made out of plastic and has individual slots that allow you to easily slide your photos in and out of place to create a collage. It only costs $15, and sometimes Urban Outfitters offers a special deal of 2 for $25. They're a great housewarming gift for anyone.


Because of it's unique design, it can complement almost any room. It can be hung on any wall, and it appeals to all age groups. It costs the same price as some frames and allows you to display more photos. The design also allows you to rearrange the photos, so that you can find the perfect balance in your collages. At $15 a piece, this item has a lot of value to it.


Perhaps the least appealing feature of this item is the height. At over six feet high, it practically runs from the ceiling to the floor. But, since it is made out of plastic, you can easily adjust this with a pair of scissors if it really bothers you. The plastic design can also be a disadvantage to some people who might see it as cheap looking.


Most of Urban Outfitters items are geared towards a younger crowd of under 30 and this item is no exception. While it might not go with your mother's living room, it's a great decoration for someone moving into their first apartment. It's price makes it easy to buy and easy to replace too when you're able to afford and want something a little more high end. But, this is an overall good buy.

You can see the Picture Window on Urban Outfitters website.

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