Displaying Your Photos: Hanging Photo Clip

Urban Outfitters is now selling very modern devices for displaying photos in your home. One of these is the Hanging Photo Clip. According to the website, the Hanging Photo Clip is "a simplistic, modern way to show off photos. This hanging mobile features multiple stainless steel wires on movable joints, topped with metal clips for displaying your pictures. Angular and curved design add an artistic touch to just about any room, while the loop at the top makes hanging a breeze".

What Is It?

The Hanging Photo Clip is similar to the mobiles that would clip and hang over a baby's crib, except this one needs to be mounted to your ceiling or hung off of something tall. It's fairly big too with a total height of 22" and 16" wide. That means if you have 8' ceilings, you're going to lose 2' of clearance with this device. It can only hold up to 10 photos and only costs $12.00. 

Who Would Use It?

The Hanging Photo Clip's design does not make it a practical accessory for most rooms because it hangs off the ceiling and takes up some considerable space. It will probably be more appreciated by girls than guys. Because of it's design and inability to complement the family living room, it will be more popular with teenage and college age girls. A unique and prominent way of displaying happy memories, it's low price makes it an ideal gift for anyone that you think would appreciate it.


The Hanging Photo Clip has very positive feedback from the customers who have purchased it. But, most people will find that the device's biggest disadvantage is it's design. Because it needs to be hanging, you're limited in where you can place it. It also takes up a considerable amount of space, and if you're tall enough, you run the risk of constantly hitting your head on it. It also only allows you to clip ten photos to it. There are much more space convenient Photo Clips offered through Urban Outfitters that allow you to clip more photos.

The Crisscross Photo Clip is a better buy. It can be attached to the wall and does not take up much space at all. It's modern art design allows it to blend into more settings than the Hanging Photo Clip can. With 14 clips, the Crisscross can hold more than its hanging counterpart. It's also $12 and is a much better buy.

The Hanging Photo Clip can be purchased on the Urban Outfitters Website.

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