Displaying Your Photos: Crisscross Photo Clip

The Crisscross photo clip is unique accessory for displaying photos available for purchase through Urban Outfitters. The marketers claim that "Crisscross will make you want to...hang some pictures." So, what exactly is the Crisscross photo clip and why would you want to display your photos with it?

What Is It?

The Crisscross photo clip is described as: "Angular and modern enameled steel photo display hangs on any wall and shows off your photos and memos via tightly coiled metal springs." It measures 15" by 15" and holds up to 14 photos.  It is easy to wipe clean and only costs $12.00. It's listed as web exclusive on the Urban Outfitters website.

In reality, the Crisscross photo clip resembles a piece of modern art that someone hangs on the wall. It looks like a bunch of steel rods were dropped on the floor and then got welded together in the pattern they landed in. At the end of each rod is the coiled metal spring that the photos clip into. There is no frames on the Crisscross clip. 

Who Will Use It?

This photo clip is more appropriate for a teenager's bedroom or a college dorm where the photos on display are constantly rotating. In fact, it's low price makes it especially appealing to it's targeted marketing group: teenagers and young adults.

It's unusual design and metallic gray colors allow it to complement almost any setting. It will match any color and is gender neutral. The clip design allows you to place photos of almost any size in the Crisscross. You're also not limited to just photos either. Any keepsake that was printed on paper can be put on display. It is more similar to a bulletin board than a photo frame.

The Crisscross photo clip is an excellent gift for a teenager or young adult. While it is gender neutral, these gifts are more appropriate for girls, but guys can find uses for them too. At only $12.00, it is easily affordable and would be a great dorm room gift for someone going away to college for the first time. It's only available for purchase through Urban Outfitters' web site.

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