Digital Picture Frames: What to Look For

Digital picture frames are a good way of displaying your digital photos somewhere that they can be enjoyed. These digital frames use a LCD screen to play back images off a memory card or wireless network. The images will automatically change when the frame is left on, so that it looks different.


There are several different types of frame available. Most of them do not have any built-in storage, and they will instead use memory cards. If you are looking for an easy solution, then you might want to choose a frame which has built-in storage.

Extra Features

Some of these photo frames offer additional features which might be of interest to you. Some of them are capable of video playback and have remote controls. There are also have web browsers which makes it possible to use them to check out online services. Some of these can also download images that you have uploaded to the Internet. Others can stream photos from your computer over your network.

Some of these also have touchscreen technology, which makes it easy to navigate the photos. This even makes it possible to use it as a photo album to show other people.


The resolution will affect the quality of the images which are displayed. The minimum resolution that you should consider is 640x480. Anything lower than this will be of inferior quality.


Most digital photo frames are fairly small, however, it's also possible to buy larger ones. While a 7 or 8 inch frame is normal, you can purchase frames as big as 15 inches.

By choosing the right frame, you can make it much easier to display your photos in a way that everyone can enjoy.