Digiscoping with a Canon A95 Camera

For digiscoping Canon cameras are often found to be quite good and the A95 seems to be quite popular. Here are a few pointers for the Canon A95 camera to optimize the digiscoping experience.


If you are shooting in good light keep the ISO at 50 or the maximum can be 100 under lower light conditions.

Mode Dial and Functions

Choose AV on the mode dial. The FUNC button should be pressed to make the following selections. Have the Continuous Drive Mode, so that you do not miss out on any moving subject. Choose Spot metering and select S (Superfine) and L (Large).

Menu Settings

Click on the Menu button to make these adjustments. Red-eye should be turned off, Flexizone should be selected, and switch on MF-Point Zoom while turning off Digital Zoom. Turn on Reverse Display and set Review to 3 seconds. Turn off the Beam for AF assist. Save all these settings into the Custom Mode (C).


With all the above settings, the metering and focusing will get done from the rectangle which is centrally located on the screen. This rectangle can be moved if you need to compose your shot and want to do away with any obstructions that are seen in front of the subject.

White Balance

The white balance can be done manually and can be set to Sunny. This is helpful when you are shooting in a lot of greenery, as the automatic mode might not give you the required white balance.


The problem of vignetting can be cleared by zooming from the camera to the required subject and then saving the settings to C. In many cases people tend to use the digiscope zoom but adjusting the camera zoom will work better with the A95.