Differentiating an Elinchrom Octa from a Softbox

The Elinchrom Octa has an exclusive design that has given this large portable softbox recognition within the international fashion photography world. Its popularity has been proven by the number of professional photographers that own the Elinchrom Octa and the number photographers that hope to own this extraordinary piece of equipment. The Elinchrom Octa is a versatile accessory to the photographer that is easy to transport, use and assemble. One key point to note is that due to the size of the softbox after it is assembled, there needs to be adequate space on the set to set the equipment up.

Understanding the Elinchrom Octa

Opening like an umbrella and snapping the three pins together, it is ready to use. The Elinchrom Octa has a central mounting for the flash head inside softbox which allows the flashtube to be placed in any direction and focused on the subject being photographed. The light source gives an even light that most photographers refer to as the “beauty light” when being used in portrait photography. This light is the primary reason for most of the praise it receives, being the only equipment to have this type of flash system.

The Elinchrom Octa is unique for its reverse fitting double lock system, providing a secure and stable connection for your flash head. Designed around satellite technology, the flash head is mounted at the center of the dish, allowing you to obtain optimal results for the most even light distribution possible. The large size of the Elinchrom Octa requires the user to secure it with a large durable stand, with a heavy base and wheels that have the ability to lock.

Elinchrom Octa Softbox

The Enlichrom Octa has the ability to wrap light around a subject like other light boxes cannot. Equipped to fit a variety of strobes it is accessible to the demands of photographers and can be used in numerous settings. The Elinchrom’s simplistic design eliminates the need for any extras that usually would be attached to a softbox. The architecture of the softbox fits perfectly with the strobe with no need for a cover on the back.

The cloth absorbs and also reflects the light for a more natural photograph and has a spectacular diffused light source. Being one of the smaller models to choose from the softboxes, the Elinchrom out performs its competitors in performance. The Elinchrom transfers light smoothly with noticeably less of a hot spot. The construction is light weight and easy to construct and deconstruct.


The Elinchrom Octa is easy to set up and has been constructed to fold open and close easily. It has the characteristics of a large umbrella allowing you to open and lock the three pins into place for set up. Spacking it away is as easy as unlocking the pins and folding it down for packing away. When mounted on the allotted stand, it allows for a 360 degree turning capability, so you are always able to focus on the subject of the photograph. All Elinchrom equipment comes with a unique carrying bag for easy storage and travel.