Differences Between a Micro M2 Memory Card and Other Types

The Micro M2 Memory Card is a simple storage device that is based on the flash media storage concept and it is generally used with most of the mobile devices nowadays. Although other media like the regular memory stick could be used as a flash based storage with the other devices, the Micro M2 Memory Card has the distinct advantage of being very small and it can play nice with the constantly reducing size and form factor of most of the electronic devices.


Micro M2 Memory Card is actually only about a quarter of the size of a Sony’s regular Memory Stick. Such a small size makes it conducive for usage with cellular phones. Another major advantage is the high upper limit on data transfer speed of about 160 mbps.

Technical Details

The Micro M2 Memory Card is manufactured and sold by most of the major manufacturers like Lexar and SanDisk. The capacities generally vary from 1 GB to 8 GB.

The Micro M2 Memory Card is available for around $20 for 1 GB and goes up to $60 for the 8 GB model.