Devices that Use a Pro Duo Memory Card

Memory Sticks, including the most recent Pro Duo Memory Card, are almost always only found in Sony cameras and other products. The original memory stick was quite large, but the newer Pro Duo Memory Sticks resemble more of an SD card in shape and appearance.

Digital Cameras

Digital cameras produced by Sony will normally make use of the memory stick format. These include any cameras produced after 1998. The original memory stick went up to a maximum capacity of 128MB, however, later versions now go up to 32GB with a theoretical limit of 2TB.

The most common application for the Pro Duo Memory Card is for digital cameras.


Sony's popular PSP, or Playstation Portable, also makes use of the Pro Duo Memory Card to store updates to games, music and films. If the PSP is modified, then it's also possible to run full games from the memory card.

Vaio Computer

Sony Vaio computers are often compatible with Pro Duo Memory Cards. This means that they can be used in a similar way to USB Memory Sticks or floppy discs.

Portable Devices

Cell phones, music players and many other portable devices including dictaphones use Memory Stick Pro Duo cards and smaller micro memory stick cards.

The Sony Memory Stick is no longer the only format of memory card that Sony uses. Recent Sony digital cameras support the use of SDHC and memory sticks. Sony is also releasing their own line of SD Memory Cards. This doesn't, however, mark the end of the format because Sony has vowed to continue developing the memory sticks.

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