Collage Picture Frame: Usage and Understanding

A collage picture frame is mainly used to display many pictures. This frame is particularly useful when there is more than one photo to be shown as a group, similar to something out of scrapbook, but here you are going to display it.


Usually a collage picture frame will have photos following a certain theme. It could be the collection of photos of a child growing up or at a certain age, or it could be photos taken at a certain event like a wedding or a holiday. A collage picture frame following a particular theme can be quite engaging as it tells a story.

Types and Shapes

Collage picture frames can come as a single huge frame with various slots inside for individual pictures. The lines separating the pictures could be a plain background or the material used in making the frame. There are also collage frames made of individual frames which are joined together to form a single frame. These are either directly joined or could have an interlinking grill forming a shape like a spiral or square and so on.

The different shapes of collage picture frames should be chosen according the the size of the wall on which they'll be displayed. If you have limited space on a wall, you could go for long vertical frames which look quite elegant. A wider space could hold multiple collage picture frames or those connected with grille work.

The main materials used in collage picture frames are wood and metal, as these frames need to be quite sturdy in holding up to their big size and wider structures.