Choosing the Right Picture Frame Moulding

Picture frame moulding plays a major role in bringing out the beauty of your picture and can also prove to be an ornamental piece for your wall. Here are the different factors which you should consider while choosing the right frame moulding.


The two main materials you need to consider for frame moulding are metal and wood. Metal mouldings go well in rooms having ultra modern furniture and décor, while wood gives a rich ambience with traditional décor. The other materials which are also popular are plastic and polystyrene. These are less costly and due to the various finishes and colors available, they can look exactly like a wooden or metal frame. The drawbacks are that they are not as sturdy, and you need to look into the specifics of the material composition to be sure that it will not react with the material of your artwork or photo.


Wooden and metal frame moldings are both available in a variety of colors. You need to consider the color of your walls and whether you need your frame to stand out or blend in with the color combinations in your room. Contrasting colors are used mainly to make the picture stand out and give it a commanding position in the décor. The most popular colors are black, silver and gold.


The profile of a frame moulding will include the size, design and details on the frame. The size will mainly depend on the size of your artwork or photo, but some people like to accentuate a small photo in a bigger frame by providing a plain background behind the picture. There are various designs available for a frame and mainly it depends on the thickness of the slope coming towards the picture or going away from it. The detail on the frame molding can be rich carvings or a simpler design.