Choosing Generic or Brand Name Photo Printer Ink

Generic and brand name photo printer ink has been a hot debate over the past few years. Read more below to decide if its worth it to purchase generic ink.

Generic Ink

Like most generic products, ink tends to cost a fraction of the price of name brand ink. While it may seem cheaper, it may actually be more costly in the long run. Generic ink may run out sooner and need to be replaced more often. If this is the case for you, it may be more cost effective to buy quality photo printer ink. Also, the image quality may not always meet that of a name brand ink. The vast array of colors may not be available in a cheaper generic ink.

Name Brand Ink

This type of ink may be more costly but hold up longer. You may be able to get more photos and better quality with name brand ink. It seems that generic ink also has a higher rate of falling apart inside a machine and possibly ruining the printer.

Although generic inks have grown in popularity over the years simply because of their cost, you may end up buying more cartridges over the life of your printer.

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