Capturing HDR Photos with a Nikon D50 Camera

The Nikon D50 Camera enables you take excellent DSLR quality photos at an affordable price. It is also possible to capture a set of photos with different exposure settings so that you can use a photo editing software to convert the set into an HDR image. Let's see how to do this with a Nikon D50 Camera.

Step 1: Equipment

It is always better to fix your Nikon D50 camera on to a tripod so that you will not have problems with alignment when you are using the photo editing software. Using a remote, along with the tripod, will be even better to avoid any kind of shake.

Step 2: ISO and Wheel Settings

The ISO settings should preferably be the lowest so 200 should be fine. Turn the top wheel to set it at P.

Step 3: Menu Settings

Click on the Menu button and then go to the Wrench icon which is for settings. In this, go to the "CSM/Setup" and choose the "Detailed" option.

Now choose the Pen icon, and in the list which comes up, go the 12th item which is "BKT Set". This is the bracketing feature which changes the settings for exposure automatically. Bring the highlight to "2.0 AE & Flash" and then choose "2.0 Stop". In the top LCD screen, you will now see three bars under BKT, which means the camera bracketing is set to take three photos at different exposure settings.

Step 4: Take the Three Photos

Press the button three times to take the photos, and your images are ready for your photo editing software to make them into an HDR image.