Camera Bag Selection Factors: Portability

When choosing a camera bag there are many different factors that you will need to consider. One of the most important is the portability of the bag. The whole idea of your camera bag is that you will put everything you need inside and then carry it with you. If the bag itself isn't portable then there is little point.


The size of the camera bag is very important because if it is too large then it will be difficult to carry with you. The bag must be big enough to fit everything you need inside but small enough to comfortably carry. If the bag is too large then it will be almost impossible to carry comfortably.


All camera bags should be light because once you have put all of your equipment inside they will be fairly heavy. The material itself must be as light as possible, otherwise you're going to struggle once you have put everything inside. Try to choose the lightest camera bag available.


The portability of the camera bag will also be affected by how easy it is to carry. If the bag has a padded shoulder strap then it will be much more comfortable and easier to carry around with you.

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