Camera Bag Selection Factors: Durability

A camera bag is a very important purchase which should help to protect your camera and prevent it from getting damaged. The durability of the camera bag is important because this will affect how well the bag can protect your camera.

Camera bags need to be chosen so that they are easy to use, comfortable and also durable. Choosing a bag which isn't durable won't last as long as other slightly more expensive bags.


When choosing a camera bag it is very important to spend time choosing a durable material. The materials should be strong so that they don't get ripped when you are carrying the bag around with you. Choosing a poor quality bag won't last anywhere near as long as it should and will be a false economy.

The material needs to be strong so that it won't wear or become damaged prematurely.


Ideally the camera bag will have some form of cushioning which is designed to prevent any damage being caused to your camera if it is accidentally dropped. The cushioning should absorb some of the force without it affecting the health of your camera at all.

Ease of Cleaning

Choose a material which can be cleaned easily. Canvas may seem like a good idea. However, cleaning it can be a little difficult. Think also about the waterproofing and weatherproof qualities of the material.

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