Camera Bag Security: Selection Considerations

Choosing a camera bag is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Camera bag security is huge factor in choosing what's right for your needs.

Bag Safety

By bag security, we mean safety. How likely is it that the bag could fall? If it does fall, will stuff break? How easily can someone steal it? For example, a backpack camera bag is not likely to fall off your back when carrying it. Plus, someone can't just run up and snatch it off your back. If the bag is padded, then it will be able to absorb some impact from a fall.

Types of Bags

A satchel bag is designed to look like a brief case. If it slips out of your hands, then it will fall. It's also designed to be stylish and probably won't be padded. Therefore, if it does drop, your gear is at the mercy of gravity. Plus, someone can easily run up to you and steal it.

Sling packs are similar to purses because they're held by a shoulder strap. There's the possibility it could drop, but they're usually padded. Waist bags are also great because they attach to your belt. The only way they're going to fall is if you fall. 

Whatever you choose is up to your personal preferences. Just remember that you're trusting your bag with a few thousand dollars worth of equipment. Choose one wisely!

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