Camera Accessories: Shutter Release

Shutter accessories should be a part of any serious photographer's tool box. There are two types of shutter release accessories that you can own. One is a vertical shutter release that can be found on battery grips for SLR cameras. The others are remote shutter releases.

Vertical Shutter Release

When your camera is held horizontally, the shutter release is found on the top where it can be easily pressed. But, if you hold the camera vertically, you might experience some difficulty with trying to hold the camera and hit the release at the same time. A battery grip solves this problem by making the camera easy to hold while providing a shutter release that can be hit when you hold the camera vertically.

Remote Shutter Release

You may also find yourself in situations where you cannot be with the camera hitting the shutter release. It could be a dangerous situation where it's not safe to be with the camera, or the light can be very low and hitting the shutter might cause a blur. This problem can be solved with a remote shutter release. This allows you to control the shutter while not actually touching the camera. There are both wired and wireless remote controls can be used to control the shutter.