Camera Accessories: Battery Grip

If you are a serious photographer with a SLR/D-SLR camera, then you need to get accessories like a battery grip.

What Is a Battery Grip?

A battery grip serves two functions. First of all, it allows you to store multiple batteries to power the camera which means that you can use it for a pretty long time. Second, it also adds a vertical grip to the camera with it's own shutter release.

Battery grips usually attach to the camera through the battery compartment. They are not a one size fits all accessory. They are specifically designed to fit specific camera models because they need to match the body style, the placement of connections, and the specific power requirements. Not all cameras have battery grips made for them. If you want to buy one for your camera, you should check online to see if one is even made before heading to a store.

When Is It Useful?

A battery grip is a must-have accessory for event photography. You need to be alert at all times during these gigs, because you do not want to miss anything. Having a long battery life will insure that you're ready to hit the shutter in the blink of an eye, instead of performing a battery shot. The vertical grip makes it possible to quickly frame up for the most appealing shot.