C Stand: Finding the Right One

The C Stand or Century Stand is an important piece of equipment in any shoot, as it should safely support the costly equipment you fix on it. There are a few types of the C Stand available in the market, and hence it is important you choose the right one depending on your requirements. Here are a few basic pointers you might want to consider while choosing the right C Stand.

The Base

Apart from the sturdiness and balance, you need to consider the floor space the base will occupy and how it is going to fit in your shooting environment (and for storage). Usually, the tripod type bases, with the three legs of different heights, are the best. The difference in the height of the legs helps you to store many stands in a way where the vertical rod is almost touching the other, which saves on space. All the legs can also be swung to one side so that you can store the stand in a flat position.

Even though your base might look quite sturdy and heavy, it is always advisable to use sandbags to avoid any mishaps.

The Stand

Depending on your requirements, you will need to choose the number of rising adjusters. You will need at least a minimum of two of these rising adjusters.

The Head and Arm

The C stand is not complete without the gobo arm and head. You will need to choose the gobo arm with the required length and should have locking mechanism which will not slip under the weight of your equipment. To counter this problem, usually the arm is extended on the side, which will lock more when it is pushed down under the weight of the equipment.

The grip head should have all the required holes to allow you to put the flags and also other arms if required. It should have good grip with the teeth to allow you to place the show cards.