Buying an EOS Wide Angle Lens: Differences between Brands

Buying an EOS wide angle lens can be an important decision for many photographers. An important factor to consider is the brand that you would like to buy. Following are the major differences among chief brands:


This is one of the major differences to consider. NIKKOR lenses offer a five year warranty period. Canon lenses provide a three year warranty, where as the Sigma lenses provide a three year warranty only in the United States.

Chromatic Aberrations

Most of the high-end lenses have highly minimized levels of chromatic aberrations. But, if a lens does not use the Special Low-Dispersion (SLD) glass or the Extraordinary Low Dispersion (ELD) glass parts, then the chromatic aberrations might be a major concern. NIKKOR and Sigma provide good levels in this department but barely match Canon.

Focal Lengths and Different Apertures

The focal lengths of NIKKOR, Canon and Sigma lenses are pretty much the same for comparable lenses, however, you will notice that they will have different values for maximum apertures. Or, they might have different focal lengths for the same values of maximum aperture. For example, Sigma has a 8mm lens, whereas NIKKOR has a 10.5mm lens.