Beyond the Battery: How to Use Alternative Power Sources on DV Camera

If you find yourself in a situation where you DV camera's battery is about to die, then you need to find alternative power sources. The only way to power a camera without the battery is by plugging it into a wall outlet with the AC adapter. All camcorders come with an AC adapter that can be used to power the camera or recharge the battery when it's not in use. You should always bring this with you on a shoot, because nothing is worse than having your day unexpectedly cut short due to battery loss. 

Extension Cords

But it's not just enough to bring the AC adapter with you. After all, what's the point of using it if there isn't a wall outlet near your camera position? Because of this, you should always have a 50' extension cord in your kit as a precaution. You should also have a two- to three-prong adapter as well, because not all outlets have three prongs. 

Using a Car Battery

Wall outlets are not the only power sources that you can depend on. If you shoot a lot, then you should buy a power inverter for your car. It plugs into the cigarette outlet and steps up the voltage of the battery from 12 to 120 volts. This way you can use your car as an extra plug if the need ever arrises.

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