Benefits of a Lumiquest Flash Diffuser over Lambency

A Lumiquest flash diffuser and Lambency diffuser are both on-flash, portable devices, however, they deliver light upon a subject in different ways. Here are some benefits to using a Lumiquest diffuser over a Lambency one.

Lumiquest Diffuser Benefits

The Lambency flash diffuser generally eats an upwards of 3+ light stops. This happens even when the light diffuser is directly aimed at the subject. If the light is bounced, then this amount increases even more. On the other hand, the Lumiquest flash diffuser gets the job done in about 1.5 to 2.5 light stops.

The Lumiquest flash diffuser works by spreading the light of the flash in every direction in such a way that the light landing on the subject has already bounced of the ceiling and the walls of the studio. This essentially creates a large light source and produces much softer light; this is not how the lambency diffuser works. This method works for indoor shoots, but will not work for large venues or outdoor shoots because there are no walls or not enough light output.

There are some definite advantages to the Lumiquest flash diffuser, but you will need to understand how each diffuser works because there is no one shot to answer to all your needs.